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All About Me Bag – A Simple Beginning of the Year Project

The beginning of the year is when Excellent Educators initiate the “getting to know you” process and provide opportunities to build the classroom community. In fact, getting acquainted is the first step to building a strong, positive classroom climate that is necessary for a sucessful school year!  One of my first take home projects that I assigned was an All About Me Bag.  This simple beginning of the year project was a way for children to choose things from home that represent them, and share the items with their new classmates and teacher(s).

I usually waited until after the first week or so to do this, because many of my students were too shy to speak in front of the class on the first week. (Then of course there were some who had NO PROBLEM being the center of attention!) Take a look at the sample and the printable bag tag and family instructions below!




Try this out with your class…after all, the directions for parents and the template is ready to print and implement!

Happy Teaching!