Welcome to my blog! I’m Shakara Hill, the founder of The Excellent Educator. I am also an educational trainer, consultant, instructional specialist, and now blogger.

I was born in Richmond, Virginia and relocated to Georgia my junior year of high school. I graduated from Georgia State University on three different occasions. I first received a bachelor’s in early childhood education. Two years later, I went back and completed my master’s in early childhood education – specializing in math. After two more years, I went back and completed my educational specialist degree in early childhood education, but this time with a teacher support endorsement. Needless to say, I love ECE!

I spent five years in the classroom teaching kindergarten and absolutely loved it. Becoming an influential and excellent educator was my daily quest. I learned to work through behavior challenges, teaching on a budget, low parent engagement and every other variable you’ve probably been through; however nothing I faced, hindered me from doing what I was called to do in the lives of young children. I found pleasure in teaching, planning, modeling best practices for my grade level, and supporting new teachers. My aim was to provide rich and relevant instruction to engage all types of learners. During my fourth year, I was awarded teacher of the year and was pushed out of my comfort zone to use my gift in other ways. This is when my growth as a teacher leader occurred and I began to contemplate life outside the classroom.

I transitioned to a Senior Training Specialist and eventually was promoted to an Assistant Project Director at Best Practices of Georgia State University (clearly I love GSU). I spent most of my time developing and delivering professional development for teachers and directors statewide in Georgia. After years of developing, training and traveling, I decided to take yet another leap of faith outside of my comfort zone and venture into the role of private training and consulting on a national level! I began providing services through my company SEED Consulting and expanding my reach to impact educators near and far!

I am most passionate about work that allows me to empower and equip teachers to thrive. I have a heart for early age groups because of the many opportunities to build a strong foundation.  I am also addicted to learning new things myself!  When I am not working – which is rare – I enjoy estudiando Español, reading, bargain shopping, exploring fashion trends, spending time with loved ones and did I say shopping?!
After years of requests, from thousands of teachers, I have finally decided to create a blog.  My work and this site is devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that will support excellent educators!

Thank you kindly for visiting my page and for your support! I know your time is valuable, so I feel honored. Don’t forget to subscribe to get three free bonus activities and updates on the latest info and future freebies. 🙂

From one excellent educator to another,

Shakara Hill