Who Is The Excellent Educator?

The excellent educator LOVES.

They have a heart of love and service, to sow seeds into the lives of children. If you find yourself consumed with random and frequent thoughts of ways to help your students succeed, you qualify!

The excellent educator TEACHES.

They focus on delivering effective instruction to engage all learners. If you aim for engaging and innovative instruction, instead of just doing enough to get by, you qualify!

The excellent educator PERSEVERES.

They persist through challenging situations to be the positive influence children deserve. If you push past paperwork, data driven expectations and everything else on your plate, to give children what’s best, you qualify!

The excellent educator LEARNS.

They assume the role of an ongoing learner to become better equipped to teach.
If you are constantly on Pinterest or other teacher sites (including mine), you qualify!

The fact that you are here reading this means the excellent educator is YOU! This blog will support you and add to your toolboxes. It also seeks to feature various educators and their ideas. Please share your awesomeness by clicking on the contact tab. I would love to connect and feature you next!