10 Signs of an Excellent Educator

After interacting with numerous educators, I have come to the conclusion that Excellent ones all have similar qualities, characteristics and habits. I have narrowed down a list of the Top 10 Signs that are often displayed. If you have shown at least 5 of these, it’s safe to say you are the real deal!


1.Your family and friends know your students by name because they are always the topic of conversation.


2. You bring a bag of items home at night and/or during breaks (even if it stays in the car).


3. Your seldom sick days are often spent thinking about your class and how you hope they are not terrorizing the sub. (Hopefully you don’t have it bad like I did and call the sub to talk to them on speaker phone.) #teamdotoomuch


4. You can’t go in Dollar Tree without visiting the teacher section and you love to look in teacher supply magazines during your leisure time.


5. Your outfits often reflect the holiday. You own a festive scarf, shirt, jewelry item or socks.


6. You’ve been kicked out of the school by the custodians at least once and you are always trying to figure out how other teachers manage to leave on time.


7. Although your body leaves the school, you mind doesn’t. You are always thinking of lessons and ways to help your struggling students.


8. You are not afraid to tell your students that you love them. You know that children need love from you, to learn from you.


9. No matter how tough the job gets, you somehow always remind yourself to stick with it. Instead of it being a job you see it as your calling to serve children.


10. You are an “Excellent Educator Insider” and you’ve submitted ideas, so students all over can benefit!


I want to hear from you.  Leave comments of other signs that show your dedication! 🙂