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2 Small Group Subitizing Activities

If you’ve been keeping up with this month’s blog post, then I’m sure you know all about what subitizing is and how to incorporate it in Pre-K and Kindergarten. I hope you enjoyed the first episode of my Mini Math Lessons and were able to print out the downloads. I want to give you a few more ideas that will build your children’s subitizing skills. I even have a simple subitizing chant that you can sing with the activities!

1. Dot Flash Find

Dot Flash Find is a small group activity that uses a teacher set of dot flash cards and a student set of dot cards.

The teacher will flash a dot card to the group and the students will have to find their dot card with the same number of dots to match the teacher’s card. Once all the students have chosen a card, the students will show the teacher the card they chose and state how many dots they saw. The teacher will then show the students the correct card that he or she flashed and the students will check to see if they got it correct.

As an extension to the lesson, ask the students to write the numeral to match the number of dots.

Download Dot Flash Cards

2. Say it, Draw it, Frame it, Build It

This multi-step activity has students do exactly what the title says. They will quickly say the number of dots they see the teacher flash, draw the number of dots they saw along with the numeral, add that number of circles (buttons) to the ten frame and then build a tower with the same number of cubes as the dots they saw.

The students will continue to do this as the teacher flashes different numbers.

This activity can be easily transferred to an independent math center. I used this recording page and gave each student a die, stickers or buttons and unifix cubes.

The students would independently roll the die, try to say the number without counting, draw the dots, frame the dots with stickers or buttons on the ten frame and then build a tower with their unifix cubes.

You can also use these pages without laminating them and turn them into a book by printing the two templates provided on the front and back and printing several other pages to staple together!

I hope you’ve have a few more ideas to add to your teacher toolbox! If you think these ideas would work for you and your class be sure to download the free templates 👇!

Small Group Mat

Independent Center Recording Sheet

Say it, Draw it, Frame it, Build it Matrix

Click below to listen to my quick subitizing chant!


Happy Subitizing!