20 Reasons for Parents to Appreciate Excellent Educators

May marks the month that teachers are recognized with “Teacher Appreciation” celebrations and gestures from people who appreciate what they do. Most parents that have encountered an Excellent Educator can agree that they are heaven sent and a blessing for their children. Here are 20 reasons why it is important for parents to show their appreciation…not just this month but throughout the year!

1. They are always working even when you don’t realize it. (Their work behind the scenes is often miscalculated.)

2. Beyond teaching content, they invest in your children and care for them daily.

3. They keep a secret supply of snacks for breakfast emergencies. (Kids coming to class without having breakfast is one of the most effective ways to throw off a teacher’s day.)

4. They persevere through tough days and weeks.

5. They’re not afraid to get their hands dirty for your child. (Not everyone is willing to tie wet shoestrings, without knowing exactly why they’re wet…shout-out to Pre-K and K teachers. 😳)

6. They are often overwhelmed with changing school implementations and unrealistic requirements.

7. They never stop learning to better serve your child.

8. They are willing to spend their hard earned money on your children. (When you run into them at the store, it’s rare they don’t buy something related to your child or the classroom.)

9. They hate to miss a day and if they do, they will handpick the best substitute to fill in.

10. They first learn about your child to better teach your child.

11. It’s not unheard of for them to go all day without a restroom break.

12. They have had many days when their coffee got cold before they could drink it.

13. They deal with the things that cause you to lose patience with your child, along with managing 10-20 others at the same time.

14. They see their profession as a calling rather than a job.

15. They create a family atmosphere in the classroom, making it feel like a home away from home.

16. Your child loves them. (If your child adores their teacher, that speaks volumes.)

17. They perform multiple roles simultaneously, all within day/week. (Coach and data specialist to name a few.)

18. They give unlimited hugs.

19. They answer to mommy or daddy at least once a year. (Shout-out to Pre-K and K teachers again!)

20. Despite how crazy it gets they love what they do and they love your children too!


To sum it all up I think we can all agree that they dedicate A LOT of their lives to making your children’s lives better, so be sure to make your appreciation known to any Excellent Educator who is a part of your life! They are more than worth it! 💚