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Leap Frog: Early Numeracy Game for Pre-K and K

Becoming proficient in math at an early age is critical for success in every area of a child’s life.  Math is needed in most other subject areas and in tons of everyday tasks. This is one of the reasons I am so passionate about creating fun and engaging math experiences for children.

Every year that I taught my students were vastly different, but one thing that was the same about each of them, was their love for playing. Every student I came in contact with loved to play games, which is why I spent time making custom games for them to learn and practice concepts.

I made both literacy and math games that were relevant to my student’s interest and ability levels. They enjoyed them so much, they didn’t even realize they were building critical skills, mastering standards and getting good repetition through playing them over and over. Something tells me that your students love to play as well, so I want to share my games and everything that I can with you! I am confident that your students will benefit the same way mine did!

This game that I want to share this week is an easy beginning of the year game for early numeracy. It is called Leap Frog. It allows children to practice recognizing the numeral 1 and 2 along with counting and one to one correspondence! (Of course you can adapt the numbers to fit the levels of your students.) Take a look at my brief video and see how it’s played.


Materials Needed:

Leap Frog Printable

Plastic Frogs

Number Cube or Spinner (with the number 1 and 2)

Download Lily Pad Template

Game Tips: Be sure to model playing this game in small group before expecting children to be able to do it independently. As children gain proficiency with the numbers 1 and 2, this game can grow with their increasing ability level.  You can add the number 3 and 4 along with more lily pads and continue up to 6 as the children are ready! You can also allow 4 children to play this game or adapt it to be a game for a child to play alone.

Like this idea? I’d love to know. Your feedback is how I know what is helpful to you! Send me a comment or email me if you have quesitons.

Happy Teaching Excellent Educator!