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Roll and Rhyme to Win Game

Rhyming can be a difficult skill for children to learn but with practice and repetition, it becomes a breeze. One of my favorite rhyming activities is a game that I created for group called Roll and Rhyme to Win.

What you’ll need to play:

  • Each player needs their own board
  • Each player needs 10 cubes
  • Two dice with rhyming pictures

How to play:

The game is designed for 2-3 people. The goal is for a player to fill up their board first from rolling a pair of rhyming words. Each player will take turns rolling the dice attempting to roll a rhyming pair (two words that rhyme). When players roll a rhyming pair, they will place a cube on their game board. Players will continue to do this until one player has filled up their game board first!

Download the Roll and Rhyme to Win Template

Download a Ga Pre-K Matrix

Happy Rhyming!