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Teaching Children The Power of Choices

One of the most important things you can do as a teacher of young students, besides teaching academic curriculum, is to teach skills that aren’t always valued as much as math and literacy. Social emotional skills, self-regulation, and positive character traits are a few life skills that I am a huge proponent of. In fact, my experience has taught me that the most thriving classrooms prioritize these skills just as much as other domains.

Explicitly teaching children about the power of choices is a must. As teachers we can’t take for granted that children know what a choice is or that they know the difference between positive and negative choices. We also can’t assume that children truly understand the power of their choices and the concept that every choice has a consequence – whether it’s good or bad.

As I introduce new concepts like self-control or sharing, I always reinforce my lesson with appropriate children literature so my students can see how situations play out with others, then apply it to themselves. The children’s book series “What Should Danny Do?” is an effective way to introduce or reinforce the power of choices!

The What Should Danny Do? series are a set of books about a young kid named Danny who is always faced with choices. The story allows the reader to decide what Danny should do and see the result of the choice. Since the book allows for the readers to help Danny make decisions, there are many stories in one. Take a look at my video to see a preview of the book as I read it aloud!

Happy Teaching!

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