Why Teachers Are the REAL MVPs of Education

If you’ve ever ran across a passionate teacher, you know that they are some of the most selfless creatures when it comes to their students. Ask one on any given day, (except for this month when they are hanging on for dear life) why they do what they do and a common response is, “…For my children each year.” This is the type of invested interest that our youth need to succeed. There are so many teachers who pour out themselves to children and speak life into their future, rarely having someone to invest in them and speak life right back into them.

I know first-hand that teaching is exhausting, frustrating, consuming, never ending and at times discouraging, but those who are called to do it, persist and manage to do it well!

Their impact may not always be immediately evident but each year they inspire young minds in life changing ways. The role of a teacher is one of the most important professions that exist and anyone who thinks otherwise, has no idea what it truly entails. Yes, the role of all educators is important but teachers who are in the trenches, from attendance until dismissal each day, are the REAL MVPs of EDUCATION!

Teachers…on behalf of every grateful person who admires, respects and appreciates what you do, I salute and will forever think the world of you!

💚 Thank you for your labor of love! 💚