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Lily Pad Leap

As the school year dwindles and the last month quickly approaches, I bet there are a few things happening in your class that I can predict… You’re probably doing spring and summer themed activities, your class is more independent than a few months ago and you are holding on for dear life to your patience trying to make it to May! 🙃

Lily Pad Leap is my new featured math game and is a great addition to your spring lessons and math review. The great thing about this game is that it encourages independent engagement, so it can even be introduced earlier in the year. This game should be taught first during small group but works well as an extension activity for early finishers or even as an idependent center activity.

To play this game you only need the lily pad leap game mat, a die or dot cube and six frogs.

I got these neon frogs from Dollar Tree in the party favors section and they are the perfect size for this game!

The concept of the game is to see which frogs make it to the final lily pad first, second and third. Watch this short video to see a demo!


I love this game because it can be easily differentiated. Sometimes I used higher numbers (7-13) and other times, I altered the way I represented the numbers on the number cube.

As another differentiation, I also created pages with more lily pads to extend the game time (See Templates 1-3).

Although this game is designed for independent play, children love to compare their 1st, 2nd, and 3rd winning frogs with other friends!

I also created a version of this game for younger age groups that only has two frogs for the children to see which one will get to the final lily pad first.

Download this free game today and let the fun begin!

Happy Teaching!

Download Lily Pad Leap Template

Download Adapted Lily Pad Leap Template

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