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SWAT-IT Review Game

Congrats teachers! You made it to May but now the bigger question is… How will you make it through May? Anyone who’s ever taught a full year knows why I pose that question. Certain times of the year are more difficult for teachers and the end of the year is definitely one of those times.

Students get summer fever but still have time left in the year. Teachers are longing for a much deserved break but have so much to do to close out the school year. Those can be some of the most difficult days of the year. One of the hardest parts I noticed each year was how to keep children under control around the final month. After some trial and error, I figured out the secret! The key to keeping them under control to keep them engaged with structured, yet fun lessons! Yep, you’ve got to engage them even though you’re starting to clean up and clear out.

One of my favorite games to play was a review game called SWAT IT!  I loved this game during this time of year because it didn’t require a lot of materials, it was super engaging and it allowed my kids to run and do a review all at the same time.

The game uses decorative fly swatters and butcher paper or chart paper with review cards attached. The cards can have whatever skill you want to review on them. I had number cards, shape cards, letter cards and even sight word cards. The cards you choose really depend on what you want to review. You can place the review cards on the butcher/chart paper and laminate it or you can laminate the cards and just use poster putty to add the cards you want for that game.

The fly swatters shown have been decorated with colorful duck tape and the center of the swatter has been cut out to leave a window showing what has been swatted. See pictures below for steps to create these!

1. Have your prepared butcher/chart paper up with the review cards on it in the front of the room (or wherever you plan to play the game).

2. Split your large group up into two teams and place both teams in a line facing your butcher/chart paper and allow the teams to come up with team names to make it fun.

3. Give one fly swatter to the first child in both lines.

4. While the students have the swatter in hand, tell them to find something that is on the paper in the front of the room. Example: “Find the number 7!” The students will have to race to the paper and swat the number or item that you called!


  • Have two of each items posted. Example: Have two of the number 7, two triangles, two letter Bs.
  • Give ground rules and provide modeling for using the swatters and for the playing the game so it does not get out of control. (It will get out of control fast if you don’t do this step!) 😊
  • Differentiate depending on which students are up! When I had two students who needed a challenge, instead of saying, “Find the hexagon.” I might say, “Find the shape with 8 sides!”

Happy Reviewing!